Expanded Explainer Video Webinar Series

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Over the last few months we’ve offered an hour-long webinar that was supposed to teach you everything you need to know before making your explainer video. Well, we realized that an hour is just not enough. And, there was a lot of information that might not be relevant to your particular point within the explainer video process.

It’s a learning process, right?

Video Brewery is pleased to now offer a 3-part webinar series!

1. The Right Style for Your Explainer Video (It’s All About the $$$)

This 45-minute session will discuss the different styles available for your video (even whiteboard) and dive into specifics regarding range of costs and the factors that contribute to cost. If you’re just starting to plan for your video, this webinar will help you decide on an appropriate budget.

Choosing Video Style


2. Creating Your Video Team

This 45-minute session will help you prepare your internal team for the video production process. Once you’ve assembled your internal team, it’s time to hire your video professional! We’ll cover what you should include in your Request for Proposals and how to identify the right fit for your project.

Creating Your Video Team

3. Secrets of Explainer Video Production (It’s All About the Script)

Now that you’ve assembled your team, it’s time to nail the production process. The bulk of this webinar will be spent on constructing your script. Once the script is settled we’ll review the remaining 5 production steps, how to review each deliverable, and provide constructive feedback.

Explainer Video Production

We hope that you enjoy these expanded opportunities to learn about the video process. Register for all 3 webinars or just the parts that are relevant to where you are in the process!

Heather Clark

Heather is the Brewery Rep at Video Brewery, where she works with awesome businesses, startups and video producers. Heather fell in love with Chicago 11 years ago and still loves exploring the city. Be sure to follow the Video Brewery team on Twitter @videobrewery.


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