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Priscilla Groves HeadshotOur featured creative for today is Priscilla Groves, the founder of Piehole TV. Piehole TV worked on three videos which appeared in our top 10 videos brewed in 2015; Altreryx, OWLS, and Tagup. We caught up with Priscilla to find out more about her work with Piehole TV.


Priscilla Groves


South Africa.

Years Working in Video Industry: 


What led you to video production?

I worked as a copywriter in big ad agencies for 10 years.  Got fed up, and then did my own startup, an online voice over marketplace called Piehole. I noticed that many voice artists were requested for online video. I also hung around with a lot of other startup entrepreneurs. Explainer videos hit the scene bigtime and, since I’d made TV commercials and animations in the ad industry before, I offered to help someone make a video.

What type of equipment do you use?

Aeropress coffee machine.  It’s great for script-writing!

How did you become part of the Video Brewery community?

I thought the idea was awesome and so I applied.  The Video Brewery team is great and the whole setup runs very smoothly.

What’s the best part of creating videos, for you?

When a client says “Make me something unique”.  

What is your favorite video?

I quite like the Github Atom1.0 video.

Here’s our company video also.

How do you anticipate video marketing changing in 2016?

I think people will realise they need more than just an “explainer video” but they need a whole marketing package to compete.  From sales videos to FAQ videos to onboarding videos, the list goes on.  

There also seems to be a trend away from the “meet John, he’s got a problem” style of video, in favour for higher production branding videos.  People feel they need to stand out more.

How many people are on the team at Piehole TV?

We’re 13 people in the company – small but deadly.

Why are you named Piehole TV?

We started out as a voiceover marketplace, hence the name Piehole, from the expression “shut your piehole”… great voice over has always been a passion of mine!  And then we we branched out into videos, the name kind of stuck.  Plus we were too lazy to rebrand at the time.

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