Featured Client Profile: Kim Suwak, SimplyFun, LLC

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SimplyFun, LLC produced 3 videos using our community of creatives at Video Brewery. These 3 videos were made at the same time with small differences, to outline different aspects of the SimplyFun fundraising program. Creating 3 videos lead to cost savings and allowed SimplyFun to create targeted, snackable content. We caught up with Kim Suwak, the Marketing and Communications Manager at Simply Fun, to discuss her experience with video marketing.



Kim Suwak


SimplyFun, LLC

Years in operation:

Since 2004. 12 years

What does your company do?

SimplyFun believes in the undeniable power of shared play to learn, grow, and realize our fullest, brightest potential. We champion a vibrant, play-based education that enriches our families and ourselves. To contribute to what’s truly important in life—the potential of our children, the success of our schools, and our own personal fulfillment.

Why did you create these videos?

We wanted to do something different to promote our school fundraising program, something that went beyond emails, brochures and phone calls. Since our program is technologically advanced, we felt that our tools to promote it should be as well.

What were your most important goals?

We wanted something fun and visually appealing that communicated the benefits of our Game Raising program. This is actually one video in a series of three because our program has three main benefits. It’s worth it, it’s easy, and it’s fun. We want school fundraising PTO members and volunteers to know that our program is different; it has a generous give back with no hidden fees or supply charges, it’s easy with our app based shopping, and it provides a quality product that families will enjoy for years to come.

Why did you choose this style of video?

We liked the constant movement and dynamic colors. We knew that animation would be eye-catching and powerful while fitting within our budget.

Did you consider other video styles?

We didn’t. Due to our time and budget, we knew that animation would be the best solution.

What factors did you consider when choosing your video professional?

Years of experience, attention to our needs, willingness to work with our deadline, and quality of work, of course.

What was the easiest part of the production process?

Reviewing the storyboards and animation. Our video professional did an amazing job of suggesting the correct visuals and then putting it all together.

And the hardest?

The script, but in my experience, that is traditionally the hardest part. But once we locked it down, everything else seemed pretty easy. It definitely helped that we had a wonderful video professional.

How have you used your videos?

We added it to our school fundraising web site, we included links in emails to leads, and we are also using them to play at conferences and conventions where we have a booth.

Do you consider it a success?

We do because we know that it will be a great way to attract attention to our program. The videos are also a simple way to communicate our message.

How do you measure your videos impact?

So far, we are measuring by the responses we receive from potential leads.

Are you planning on making additional videos?

If we do, we will definitely use Video Brewery!

By completing 3 similar style videos at the same time, to target different audiences, SimplyFun, LLC made a huge saving, in comparison to making these three videos separately. Feeling inspired following Kim’s story? Why not start on a project today with Video Brewery. We can help you select a creative from our curated community, collaborate to ensure best results, and distribute your project across any platform. We’d like to wish Kim and her entire team a big congratulations on their launch and video!


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