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Leading Schools Forward completed their first homepage video at the end of last year. It was an interesting project to work on, as we worked with Rich to maximize his budget and condense his message to an engaging video.


Rich Sinclair


Leading Schools Forward

Years in operation:

Four months after almost three years in development.

What does your company do?

We help schools create (and sustain) culture based on shared mission-purpose, values (“inspired behaviors” vs required), and metrics.

After an initial 6-12 month “culture building” process we provide an added two years of support. We bring the high-performing “great place to work” model to schools thanks to a partnership with People Ink. Through an inside-out (vs. top down) approach, we help schools better inspire their staff and, in return, better engage their students and families.

The first lab school was at risk for closing after not meeting student growth expectations set by the state for two consecutive years and following, exceeded state student growth expectations in one year. The second school was struggling with staff turnover and parent discontent and following, increased their employee NPS (enthusiastic loyalty) score from a -3 to 23, over 700% in one year. Parent engagement increased across all twenty-three Gallup areas resulting in a 57 customer Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Why did you create this video?

The concept was foreign to my target audience. I needed something to quickly and clearly give people familiar only with the traditional hierarchy, an idea of what the “21st century” organizational archetype or “culture leadership” was/is about; and why it works so well.

What were your most important goals?

The goal of the video was to explain the higher performing “great place to work” model to an audience that it was foreign to, but desperately in need of absent the strong community or leader.

Employee engagement is largely unmeasured in schools. [Gallup has found through their own research that 31% of teachers are engaged. “Great places to work” average 65% and the best (Google, etc.) up to 85%.]

Test scores tell one story but the staff and parent PTO leaders know the other story. They know who is spirited – who to request for their child. But most parents don’t have that information. This means a lot to any child and especially one below grade level or not an independent learner.

We all remember our spirited teacher but for most, there weren’t many. If not for one early on, I would not be where I am today.

The target audience is a school superintendent, principal/director, or foundation head.

Why did you choose this style of video?

It is what was recommended, based on my budget.

What was the easiest part of the production process?

Constantly thanking them for their work and dedication.

[Editor’s Note: Always a good thing to do!]

And the hardest?

The script. Editing it to a manageable length considering such a new model to the field and one addressing a complicated topic in K-12 education – turnover and sustained achievement.

Are you planning on making additional videos?


1) How specifically the model works.

2) A talking head video with myself, members of the model school, and leaders in K-12 education.

Rich, thanks for sharing your story with us. Learn more about Leading Schools Forward on their website.

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