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We enjoy sharing all of the wonderful videos our creatives make and promoting our client’s business. Check out this video Priscilla recently created for SenRa.

We love the mix of 3D animated elements with the more traditional 2D animation. Be sure to check out the complete video at the end of the post.


Client Name: Ali Hosseini


What does your company do?
SenRa, a contributing member of the LoRa Alliance™, is a Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) provider for IoT/M2M applications. We provide long distance communication for LoRa enabled devices leveraging open standards architecture of the global LoRa Alliance™. Our connectivity services are available at fractional costs of competing technologies such as cellular, Wi-Fi, or satellite networks.

How long has your company been in operation?
February 2017

What prompted you to create this video?
Advertisement and Marketing

What were the most important goals for your video?
Explaining who we are, what the technology is, and how it can make a positive impact on the environment and the quality of life.

How many people reviewed your video throughout the production process?
5 people

Why did you choose this style of video?
It was a fun and creative way to educate viewers and potential customers.

What factors did you consider when choosing your video professional?
Professional, reliable, and creative.

What was the easiest part of the production process?
Piehole’s professionalism and their ability to understand our requirements.

The hardest?
Trying to explain a complicated technology in a fun and easy way.

Were there things you wished you had known before you started your video?
A better idea of what I was wanting prior to the start of the project.

Are you planning on making additional videos? If yes, please elaborate!
Yes. The next one will be a real-world use case with real people demonstrating the positive impact of the use of our technology.

Editor’s Note

Congratulations to Ali, SenRa, and Piehole. We love the mix of 2D and 3D animation throughout this video.

Check it out!

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